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No New Posts   Race VS Gender Stop Comparing them (The New Agenda 10/25/10)

October 27, 2010

Here is an article that I wrote.


I am fed up with people justifying sexism or comparing the two. Things like saying the N-Word is racist but calling a woman the W-Word is NOT sexist or NOT as bad.

No New Posts   I Am Poor Not Stupid (TNA 05/01/2010) I wrote this

May 1, 2010


Having trouble posting this tonight. I hope your read it at the link

No New Posts   Why I Love Hillary. How Hillary's Inspiration Saved My Life (Hillarysworld-hillarysmygirl16 2.18.10)

February 18, 2010


Several people on this board and at HV wanted me to write my story about how Hillary Clinton inspired me to go clean.  This was a very important time in my life.  I had wanted to go straight all the way but I had no idea how to do it.  I was literally stuck in the game of selling drugs and getting into trouble. 
That is a whole lot of money to walk away from and its hard.

No New Posts   More Calls for Hillary to Run in 2012 (Hillarysworld-hillarysmygirl16 1.31.10)

January 30, 2010


 I hope she does run and I know we will be prepared for just this very thing.  We are going to have to battle Democrats and Republicans as well as the Media.  Funny we have to worry more about the liberal press then the Conservative ones.

No New Posts   Obama's Poll Numbers Are Falling. Liberals are Angry and PUMAS are Shouting I Told You So.

December 27, 2009

What a difference a year makes.  Last year Liberals were happy because Barack Obama would become the next President.  His numbers were soaring in the polls and rather or not you voted for him the country was united around the new President.
One Year Later Obama's poll numbers are very dismal in fact no other President in recent history had poll numbers that fell like his numbers did as quickly.
Health Care Reform is not very popular in this Country.  People are afraid of big government interferring with their freedoms.
PUMAs didn't trust BHO because of his ability to promise everything to everyone and because of the dirty tricks he and his campaign played on Hillary.  Most PUMAs saw him as inexperienced and afraid to make a political risky move.  You can't please everyone if you try you end up pleasing no one.
This Health care plan is a disaster there is no public option or single payer system that the Liberals wanted.  Both the House and the Senate have abortion provisions in them that are unpopular with women.  This plan leaves out several million people including those that make to much for Medicade and to little to buy insurrance even with tax credits.  The Majority of Americans are against this bill and yet the house and senate voted  for it.
The American people are not going to forget that it was the Democrats who passed this unpopular bill and next year they will be voted out.
Barack Obama who is no where near as popular as he was last year is looking at very dismall polls.  Yes the Clinton's were able to turn things around Bill Clinton ran on more then just Health Care Reform.  He also ran on NAFTA which turned things around and Welfare Reform which kept him in the White House. 
Obama can't seem to think about what to do and the man takes far to many vacations and even when he is at the White House I can't see what he is doing there.  He did not lead the Democrats in the Health Care Reform fight.  He did not reach out to the Republicans although Oplympia Snowe wanted to work with the Democrats and did everything in her power to negotiate but instead she refused to vote for this disaster.
The Dems are likely going to lose both the house and senate or a lot of seats.  I think the Republicans are in good shape to retake both chambers of congress. 
The good thing for Hillary supporters is that she is unlikely to get burned by the Democrats bad behavior.  She is showing the Republicans that she is a HAWK not the dove they think she is.  She doesn't have a health care vote to worry about and she has the benefit of being the first one to warn us about Obama.
Obama is in for a long ride and if he wants to try to win again then he needs to figure out a position on issues are he is not going to win reelection and if his poll numbers remain this bad it is unlikely he will run in 2012.
The Democrats have one choice in 2012 and that is to elect Hillary as their nominiee and then we Hillary supporters will have our President.

No New Posts   It wasn't a Real Rape Whoopie said. What doesn't anyone understand Rape is Rape.

October 4, 2009

Whoopie Goldberg has lost her mind.  She was commenting on the View the show for people who are practically brain dead that Roman Polenski the director who when he was 42 years old raped a 13 year old.  Now Hollywood is defending this sick person and trying to justify why he isn't really a rapist. 
I am sick of people saying "it wasn't really rape because he didn't threaten her life, have a gun to her head, she knew the man, he was her husband, she deserved it because of her having had sex prior to the rape and other foolishness. 
Rape is a horrible crime and should be punished.  Roman being the punk that he is decided to leave the Country and now he wants to come back here. 
I hope the US never allows him to come back and if he does that he serve life in Prison.  I don't care how old he is.  He had all those years of freedom that I am willing to bet his victim doesn't get to have.
Whoopie needs to be fired and Polinsky arrested and charged with rape. 

No New Posts   Hillary brought us together Our Hearts Keep Us Together.

September 27, 2009

Hillary brought us together when she decided to run for President of the US.  Most of us worked side by side for her campaign.  We stuck together through thick and thin.  We were brought together by Hillary yet we remain together despite one forum "going bot" and the second one being hacked.  We used Twitter and Facebook to find each other and here we are still together.
We support each other through hard times and laugh together during fun times.  We cheer when Obama's numbers go down and wonder outloud if people will stop drinking the kool aid.

We have become more then online friends but family.  I will always be grateful for all my friendships but especially Optixmom who has proven to be one hell of a friend.  I thank all of you for your kind remarks and can't wait until I am back every day.

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