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TOPIC: Obama lies again to Democrats and the country about health care reform (Tom in Paine 9/15/10)


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Obama lies again to Democrats and the country about health care reform (Tom in Paine 9/15/10)


Obama didn't deliver on what he promised and didn't deliver on what the overwhelming majority of the people wanted, a public option, because he didn't have the courage or the conviction to stand up against the Republicans, a minority party or have the political ability and courage to ignore them and do what was needed. And yet he had the gall to claim that he "delivered" on what he had promised during the campaign even though he had promised countless times and in countless places, not just during his campaign but during his presidency, that he would deliver a healthcare reform bill that contained a public option . That the press is too cowed to point this out shows that Obama is confident that the press will stay mum. But it also shows he has contempt for the press and the American people as well, thinking he can get away with such a lie.

Obama botched the entire healthcare reform debate, mangled it, beyond anything anyone though was possible, and more that any other Democratic politician could have. He was duplicitous, dishonest, underhanded, disingenuous and showed no convictions as even many Democratic members of congress privately pointed out, and even an Obama supporter in the press like Matt Taibii of Rolling Stone accused Obama of pulling a bait and switch on healthcare which is another way of saying Obama double crossed everyone. And he did. Half way through the debate he gave speeches subtly trying to change the words "healthcare reform" to "health insurance reform" and hope no one would notice.

Even Nancy Pelosi the day after the weak and tepid bill was passed, said that the reason there is no public option was because Obama didn't stand up for it. The votes in congress were there to pass it.

Obama has lied about delivering on what he promised on health care reform more than once before which is probably why he felt he could lie again and get away with it. After the current bill passed much to everyone's disappointment, and Jim Leherer asked Obama if he felt it was less than what he wanted because it had no public option Obama said that "the bill is 95% of everything I wanted. I never campaigned for a public option".

That incredible lie, ignored by the mass media, was quickly exposed when sites like TPM and other liberal blogs, most of whom, like the Huffington Post, had been in Obama's pocket during the 2008 Democratic primary campaign, started posting videos of Obama speeches in 2007 and 2008 where he campaigned and promised everything from universal health care to a government run public plan to compete against private insurance - the public option. His own 2008 presidential campaign literature, available online and posted on a liberal blog, also promised a public plan and said so in so many words.

Adding to his lie that he delivered what he had promised during the campaign is the mandate in the current bill that people must have health insurance, something that creates 32 million new customers for the insurance companies.

That mandate was part of Hillary Clinton's proposed health care plan during the 2008 primary campaign and at the time, Obama tore it to peices, calling it unfair, claiming it wouldn't work, would be a burden on people. It said it was something he'd never do and made a point of saying it was one of the major differences between Clinton's healthcare plan and his own. Now that its part of his plan instead of a public option, he takes credit for it.

Since he's been president he has lied about healthcare reform, financial reform, the auto bailout ( as was profiled here not too long ago), the economy, the stimulus, unemployment, his response to the Gulf spill, and instituted a Marx Brothers-like " Hello I must be going" strategy in Afghanistan.

It's a big reason why Democrats have an uphill fight in the fall, and what Democrats need to do is not only publicly reject Obama's performance and tell Democrats, liberals and independents that they feel their pain, but to understand they are in trouble not because Obama's bills went to far but because they didn't go far enough and so were not what they needed to be. And vow to do something about it. And, unlike Obama, tell them the truth.



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